How to Get Rid Of Dust Mites In House

Dust mites are the filthiest creature found on the earth, they are everywhere and cover your carpets, bed sheets, clothes and even your body. In terms of health risks, they do not create any serious health issues but they can cause some allergic reactions including, itching, sneezing, watery eyes, wheezing, skin rashes and chest congestion. The dust mites belong to the family of class Arachnida and they are also known as the arthropods. The house dust mites are of microscopic size and you cannot see them with a naked eye hence if you want to get rid of them you will need some special tactics to follow. Some of the very useful techniques to get rid of dust mites are briefly described in the following steps.


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    Keep Changing the Bed Sheets:

    Bed sheets holds a huge number of dust mites as when you lay on the beds, you lose a lot of dead skin which in turns gathers dust mites on the bed sheets. In order to get rid of dust mites on your beds, you should change the sides of bed sheets frequently and you should also wash them with hot water from time to time.

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    Clean Your Carpets:

    The carpets in your homes are the most luxurious place for the dust mites as they can hide within the carpet very easily hence it is necessary to get rid of them and to eliminate them from your carpet. You can do so by steam cleaning the carpets from time to time and if you cannot afford this then it is better to go for wooden flooring instead of using the carpets in your homes.

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    Cleaning Rest of Your House:

    Cleaning is the only solution to get rid of the dust mites hence it is highly recommended to put your dust masks on and start cleaning and dusting your walls, fans frames, shelves and anything else that you feel dusty.

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    Control Humidity in House:

    Dust mites love humid and damp conditions hence the best way to get rid of them is by controlling your home temperature. You can install air conditioners to lower the humidity level in your house; this will help you to get rid of dust mites very quickly.

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    Get Rid of Dust Collectors:

    There are plenty of things in your homes that are the main source of collecting the dust so if you want to get rid of the dust mites, you have to get rid of dust collectors and they can include books, magazines, drapes and even your pets. Try to wash your pets every so often and try to place the books and magazines to those places where dust collection is less.

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