How to Test for Mold Spores in your Home

Mold is hazardous to the health of your family, and you should always aim to keep your home mold-free. When the mold spores grow, they become visible. In addition to this they move around inside and outside of your house through the air, transporting themselves about the entire area.

Keep in mind that all mold spores and mold are extremely dangerous for health, and need to be removed as soon as possible, for the well-being of your family. If you suspect that mold spores are present in your house, you need to test for them. If they are present, you are required to hire a professional to remove them.

Things Required:

– 2 mold testing kits
– N-95 respirator
– Long gloves
– Goggles


  • 1

    Visual checking/Wear protective gear

    First, you need to wear protective gear. You can wear long gloves which go all the way up to the middle of the forearm, along with an N-95 respirator and a pair of goggles. It is preferable to get goggles which do not have ventilation holes.

  • 2

    Check the corners of the carpet

    If there is water accumulated in the corners of the rooms, you need to check that area for mold spores. Remove the carpet from that area by either peeling up or folding.

  • 3

    Seek moist areas

    Next, check the moist areas of your home such as the bathroom and kitchen for mold spores. You need to carefully check these rooms. You can look under the cabinets, on the walls, and even on the floor.

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    Air conditioning and furnace units

    You need to check the furnace units and air conditioning units of your home for mold. This is because they contain stagnant water which might be aiding the growth of mold. Furthermore, you need to check duct systems for mold and condensation.

  • 5


    You can also check the basement for mold. It is advisable to look around places like the location of the washing machine, the plumbing system, and the sinks for the presence of mold.

  • 6

    Air testing

    Along with visual testing, you can also test mold spores through air testing. Simply buy two mold testing kits from your local hardware or home improvement store. It will cost you around $10 to $100. Next, you need to test the inside air and the outside air. Compare and analyse the results. Keep in mind that a 0 to 900 mold count shows that mold spores are low. If the reading is between 901 to 2500, the mold count is moderate. However, if it lies between 2501 to 25000, the mold count is high. Any mold count above 25000 is very high, and you should contact a professional right away.

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