How to Install a Wood Stove

Living in areas with extreme cold weather isn’t easy and you always find a need of installing a heating system to keep your house warm. It is better to install a central heating system, rather than instaling separate heaters in all the rooms. Central heating system not only saves a lot of fuel but it can be effectively used to keep the entire temperature of your house constant.

In areas where there is no supply of gas or other fuel, a wood stove is the best option for central heating system. However, certain precautionary steps need to be taken while instaling it to avoid any unfortunate event afterwards.

Things Required:

– Tape measure
– Wrench
– Screwdriver
– Hand truck or dolly
– Heat shields (optional)


  • 1

    Before you unpack your wood stove, you must determine the exact spot for its installation at your home. Prepare the spot  and make sure you have put the fire pads in the respective position before placing the wood stove.

  • 2

    Carefully go through the user manual to note down the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and clearance from the adjacent walls.

  • 3

    Measure all the dimensions of your wood stove so that you can arrange for proper clearance. You can use heat shields for adjusting the clearance space but don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions while using these sorts of shields.

  • 4

    Unpack the stove and assemble all of its parts together. The manufacturer’s guide should be followed to assemble the stove properly.

  • 5

    Once you are done with the assembling, place the stove on the fire pad at its designated position carefully. Make sure again that your wood stove is completely aligned with the clearance space according to the building codes and the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • 6

    You need to connect the exhaust pipe of the stove to any existing chimney. Otherwise, you have to make arrangements for a new chimney.

  • 7

    Contact your local municipal authorities and schedule a building inspection with the authority. Municipal authorities normally undertake a final inspection but in some areas, the local authorities might take several inspections to monitor if your wood stove is operating under safe conditions or not.

  • 8

    Once you have gotten the clearance certificate from the municipal authorities, you can turn on the stove for your use.

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