How to Remove Paint from Your Hair

Painting can be a wonderful experience, be it for artistic purposes or as part of transforming a living space to make it your own. Paint is created to stick to walls and dry, which is wonderful for walls but may not be as great for that beautiful head of hair of yours.

Luckily, there is a simple and healthy method of removing the paint from your hair that is easy and effective. The following guide details everything you need as well as the process involved in removing paint from your hair.

Things Required:

– cotton balls
– olive oil
– a comb


  • 1

    Find the Paint

    First and foremost, it is important to find all the paint that is in your hair. Those with longer hair may need to recruit the aid of a friend to locate and target all the paint. Be sure to sit somewhere where there is plenty of light to help you identify all the paint that is in your hair.

  • 2

    Dip Cotton

    Pour olive oil into a bowl and dip a cotton ball in it.

  • 3

    The Rub

    Using the moistened cotton ball, rub the olive oil into your hair gently, moving back and forth. Once the cotton ball is coloured, throw it out. Dip another cotton ball and get back to work. You might want to drape a towel around your shoulders to make sure that you do not spill any olive oil on yourself.

  • 4


    Continue this process until all of the paint has been removed from your hair. Once done, feel free to wash your hair using shampoo as a final cleaning. Make sure that the shampoo that you use is gentle so that you do not risk stripping your hair or drying out your scalp.

    Once done, use a fine-tooth comb to simultaneously comb your hair and remove all remaining paint. Be gentle when combing your hair as you do not want to be forceful as this can make your hair fall out.

  • 5

    Go to salon:

    You can also just go to the salon where you always get your hair styled. They will have plenty of ways of getting paint out of your hair. Also, they have all the necessary equipment to make this task relatively simple and quick. Remember that this might cost a fair amount of money so be prepared for that in advance.

  • 6

    Go online:

    You will find many excellent tips and tricks that you can use to help you remove paint from your hair. There are many websites that have good information on this subject and you might find something that suits your needs.

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