Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather sofas and chairs present some of the most comfortable and beautiful furniture pieces one can have in their home. Although it is not for everyone (vegans stand up), there is no denying that leather furniture is popular, versatile and anything but a passing fad.

It is important to regularly and properly clean your leather furniture in order to ensure that it lasts and serves you the way you intended.

Things Required:

– 3 soft rags (old white under shirts work very well)
– distilled water
– mild hand soap or body wash (the milder the better i.e. Ivory)
– vacuum with a soft brush attachment
– a bucket


  • 1

    Vacuum thoroughly

    First and foremost, it is important to clean the leather as good as possible with a vacuum. Using a soft brush attachment, thoroughly clean the entire piece of furniture, ridding it of any debris, dust and other dirt.

  • 2

    Soap It

    Add a few drops of soap to a bucket of water that is enough to create a little bit of bubbles. Soak a cloth in this solution and wring dry. Using round circular motions, begin wiping the furniture making your way from one side to the other.

    Note: Begin with an area that is not easily visible. If your soap solution causes discolouration (rare but minutely possible) then the damaged area can be readily hidden.

  • 3

    Water It

    Grab a new cloth once you have used the soap solution on the entire couch. Soak and rinse this cloth in plain distilled water and wring it well. Wipe down the entire piece of furniture, getting off all the potential residue and rinsing the piece thoroughly.

  • 4

    Dry It

    Using your final cloth and keeping this one dry, and use it simply to clean and dry the furniture. Once you have completed this, you will have clean and beautiful leather furniture.

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