How to Sell Homemade Furniture

If you have a knack for making unique or elegant furniture at home then there is a good chance that you can take this skill to the next level and start selling your creations for some extra income. Through hard work and a little patience, your homemade furniture can be sold to those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Keep in mind your target market, time to make different furniture pieces and of course the cost of your raw materials. Once you get everything organised, find creative or unique ways to market y0ur homemade furniture by using some simple techniques.


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    Identify the costs

    In order to start selling your homemade furniture, it is important that you should estimate the costs that you will have to incur during the whole process. A big chunk of the cost comes from the material purchased, labour and utilities. Not to mention, knowing about the actual price of the goods will help you set a standard otherwise you will end up selling the material without any profit.

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    Decide the number of pieces you want to sell

    Subsequently, you must also decide the number of pieces that you are going to produce and sell. Also, try to note that if making more products lowers your costs. If it does, you must show a little leniency on the prices. If you are making more than one type of product, it is strongly recommended that you must evaluate the cost for producing each item and the number of pieces that you want to make for each particular type.

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    Polish your furniture

    You must polish your furniture to improve the overall look. Remember that no one buys furniture with a dull look, thus you must polish it properly to make it look attractive and highlight the qualities of your workmanship.

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    Use online portals

    You can use online portals for the selling of your furniture. Online platforms like eBay and Amazon allow the user to sign up and upload pictures of the product and do whatever buying or selling that he/she requires.

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    Use yard sale method

    You can easily organise a simple yard sale in which you can put your homemade furniture for sale. Be sure to spread the word that you are having a yard sale to different friends and family members. Make sure to tell everyone that you will be selling homemade furniture at the yard sale.

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