How to Pack Boxes for Moving

Moving to a new place is a cumbersome process to undergo and sometimes it gets even more tiring when done without prior planning. And the most frustrating thing about moving is that you do not know where to start from. Everything looks so weary and impossible! Of course this is not a simple thing but it is not too difficult either! All you need to do is to plan out things first and then move on. So now take a deep breath and read our step by step guide and make it possible!


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    Listing everything down:

    Firstly make a list of everything and write them down on a piece of paper.

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    Choosing boxes:

    Now choose the number of boxes and their sizes according the list of things that you have already made.

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    Making up the boxes:

    Spread newspapers on the bottom of the boxes to protect the things from getting spoiled.

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    Stuffing Boxes:

    Next arrange the similar things together like all the bathroom supplies or kitchen stuff and place them in a box. Make sure that you arrange things in a manner that the larger items are placed at the bottom and the smaller and lighter ones come on the top.

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    Packing the boxes:

    Take some more newspapers and place them on the top to protect the things from getting damaged. Once you get finished putting all the things in the box, apply a strong painter’s tap firmly across the box doors and along the box’s edges. This must be done attentively so that nothing peeps out of the box. Also keep on marking out the things in the list alongside that have already been packed.

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    Marking the boxes with the name of categories:

    Now take permanent markers and write the item category with a large font on all the four sides of the boxes. It is even more convenient to get makers of varied colors and write the category name of similar items with same color. For example if you have chosen a blue color for bathroom supplies then mark it with the same color for the rest of the boxes containing such supplies. This will help you quickly identify the items inside the box without wasting much time.

    Pack the rest of the boxes in similar fashion and get yourself done with it. Whew! So that’s not too difficult, isn’t it?

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