How to Display Items in a China Cabinet

Over the years, china cabinets have gone through numerous development phases, and have become fancier and more elegant with each passing phase. You can literally display anything in a china cabinet, such as mementos, collectibles, books, and crockery, and you can display the items in any desired manner. However, you will need to make sure that the cabinet remains balanced and does not look too crowded.

Things Required:

– Colour wheel
– Velvet cloth
– Framed mirrors
– Portable, wireless puck lights


  • 1

    Come up with an appropriate theme that will complement the decor of the room in which the china cabinet is placed. For instance, if the rest of your room is decorated in a Victorian theme, make sure that the items you display in the china cabinet are close to the Victorian design too.

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    Overcrowding the cabinet is not a good idea at all. Be sure to display the right number of items so that anyone looking at the cabinet does not get confused and has a chance to appreciate each item individually.

  • 3

    The items you display should be properly balanced. For instance, the biggest piece of your grandmother's heirloom china should be displayed at the centre. When displaying an item that has multiple pieces, anchor the item by using centrepieces.

  • 4

    Display similar items in groups. For instance, it would be wise to display the dolls, the doll house and the doll furniture together. You are free to mix and match items; just make sure it complements the overall design of the room.

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    It is important for the colour of the items you plan on displaying in the china cabinet to match the overall colour of the room. Although it might be practically impossible to use the same colour everywhere, you will want to ensure that the colour of the collection you are displaying blends properly with the surroundings.

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    Soften up the look of items made of heavy metal such as brass by using fabric. This means that you should consider draping velvet over the shelves of the china cabinet and then placing the items on top of it, to create a more elegant look.

  • 7

    For a more dramatic and elegant effect, use a mirror and light and thus create reflections. Unless your china cabinet came with a built-in mirror, you will need to add frame mirrors. The same holds true for lights. To reflect light onto the items you are displaying, you will need to position the mirror either behind or beneath the items.

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