How to Remove Wax From Carpet

Spilled candle wax or crayons, either way wax on a carpet can be enough to make your heart skip a few beats and not in a good way. As wax hardens and crusts or gets rubbed and worked into a carpet, it can cause a lot of damage that seems daunting at first.

Things Required:

zipper storage bag
an iron
old towels
a knife with a thin blade


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    Place the ice in the zipper storage bag and seal it closed. Place the bag onto the stained area and let it sit until the wax is frozen. This could take a few minutes depending on your carpeting. Remember to use the right amount of ice according to the size of the wax stuck on your carpet. You might need to use a few different sized bags of ice if there is a lot of wax to remove.

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    Using the knife, carefully peel as much of the frozen wax from the carpet as possible. Be cautious not to harm the carpet by using excessive force. Remember to be careful while using a knife as you do not want to cut yourself as you try to remove the wax from your carpet. Since the wax is frozen it should be easy to pick it off the carpet with the help of a decent knife.

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    Heat and Rise

    Once you have peeled as much as you can, lay your clean towel down and cover it with a hot iron. Pass the heated iron over the towel for about a minute applying consistent pressure. The heat from the iron should cause the wax to melt and be absorbed by the towel leaving only minor staining. Make sure that you are using a towel that you might not want after completing this process. Most of the wax will be absorbed in to the towel as your run a hot iron over it. Remember to not put the iron on too high as it can burn the wax and also quite possibly ruin or scorch your carpet beyond repair.

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    Spray WD-40

    Spray WD-40 into a towel and wipe down the remaining stains thoroughly. This will remove what remains and have your carpet looking great once again. Try not to use too much WD-40 as it can also stain your carpet depending on the type of fibre used.

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