How to Install a New Dishwasher

Are you thinking of installing a new dishwasher or planning to replace an old one? It is something for which most people hire a plumber. However, it is possible to install a new dishwasher yourself. You will do just fine if you have the right tools at your disposal and know the right way of going about the task.

Things Required:

– Screwdriver
– Multimetre
– Slip-joint pliers
– Needle-nose pliers
– Adjustable wrench


  • 1

    Locate the water control valve at the bottom of the sink and turn off the water supply. If the valve is very rusty and old, you will have to turn off the water supply from the main pipe. Before moving on, make sure that the water supply has been turned off by running hot water on the sink.

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    Pull out the dishwasher’s bottom cover by unscrewing screws at the top of the dishwasher counter flange using a screwdriver. However, before you do so, be sure to switch off the dishwasher’s power. To confirm that there is no current flowing through the wires, use a multimetre.

  • 3

    Disconnect all electrical and water attachments and carefully pull the old dishwater out. You might want to place a blanket in front of the dishwasher to prevent possible damage to the dishwasher. Be sure to keep a towel handy to clean up any water that may spill out.

  • 4

    Position the dishwasher you are planning to install on its back and make the electrical and water flow connections using slip-joint pliers, needle-nose pliers and an adjustable wrench. Then screw the dishwasher’s front legs in place so that it will be easier for you to slide the dishwasher back.

  • 5

    Carefully slide the dishwasher in place and make sure it fits properly. Connect the new drain hose the same way as it was connected with the old dishwasher.

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    Allow water to run into the line by opening the water valve that you closed earlier so that you can go ahead and check if the installation was successful.

  • 7

    Check for leaks and make adjustments if required. Bring the dishwasher at the proper level by adjusting the dishwasher’s front legs. Attach the dishwasher to the countertop by driving a small mounting screw into the countertop’s underside through the flange.

  • 8

    Turn the power back on and check the dishwasher. It should be working properly.

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