How to Pick a Mattress for a Stomach Sleeper

Stomach Sleepers come across many serious problems and the biggest one is stomach pain. One simple solution is avoiding sleeping on your stomach. Even the doctors hesitate to prescribe any medicine, as the only thing they recommend is changing sleeping pattern. Those who sleep on their stomach can stop things from getting worse by making a good choice of mattress.

If you sleep alone, picking a mattress will not be difficult. But the real problem arises when you select a mattress for two persons. It is possibility that your bed partner don’t feel comfortable on a specific mattress. Therefore, a very wise strategy is required.


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    The first and the basic move is opting any soft mattress. It should be so soft that it adjusts according to your body weight. One cannot change his/her sleeping habits all of a sudden, therefore be very patient. Using no pillow will allow you to keep the head level with the rest of the body. You may find sleeping without a pillow a little awkward in the beginning but with time, you will adjust to the changes. When picking a mattress, make sure it is so soft that you don’t need a pillow at all.

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    Change your mattress after a few months. Many mattresses do get hard after a few months of use. A firm mattress is ideal for those suffering with backache, but it hardly gives any comfort to the stomach sleepers.

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    When buying a mattress, seek help from the salespersons. Inquire if they have any specific item in this regard. There are chances that a person had tackled the issue by using one particular mattress. Your mattress should be soft, but not too soft. Otherwise, you may pick some other problems.

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    If picking a mattress for two, select the one with adjustable firmness. There are many mattresses of this nature available in the market these days. For instance, Select Comfort – a famous retailer – offers the option of air cushions in the bed according to the need of the buyer. Having a couple of air cushions in the mattress could help the partners adjust firmness according to their needs.

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