How to Change Coloplast Bags

It has been reported by Coloplast that about 77,000 people have ostomy operations in the United States every year and hence, taking care of the Coloplast bags needs to be made known to everyone. You must also realise that colostomy or ileostomy doesn’t affect your normal lifestyle if you take proper care of it and you can perform all the tasks while carrying it. The most important thing included in the care for ostomy is changing the ostomy bag periodically. If you don’t change this bag after a certain time period, you might get caught by infections, irritation or other problems.


  • 1

    You can perform the entire bag changing process by yourself and it won’t take more than few minutes to do so. Start with emptying the pouch.

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    Next, slowly start pushing down your skin from top to the bottom for removing the adhesive patch from it. Gently pull off the adhesive patch from your skin.

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    Once you have taken the ostomy bag from your skin, you need to dispose it. Normally, the pouch manufacturers provide a disposable bag along with it and it can be used to dispose the bag. However, you can also use any other sealable plastic bag for this purpose.

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    Rinse out your skin around the stoma. You can use a soft paper towel or soaked washcloth for thoroughly cleansing the region with it.

  • 5

    Use another dry paper towel and pat your skin dry.

  • 6

    Observe your body skin around the stoma and it should look like the rest of your body skin. The stoma should appear red and a bit moist. This indicated that there are no infections and everything is fine.

  • 7

    Use the measuring guide to determine the size of the fresh adhesive patch. Trace out the size and shape of the stoma on the adhesive and cut it out with a sterilized cutter.

  • 8

    Remove the paper covering from the newly cut adhesive carefully. Avoid touching on the adhesive’s sticky surface with your fingers.

  • 9

    Carefully place the adhesive around the stoma and gently press it against the skin to affix it. You have to use your hands to make the adhesive warm and it will stick to your skin more strongly.

  • 10

    Securely fasten the clamp to the new pouch first.

  • 11

    For using the two-piece system, you need to affix the pouch to the adhesive firmly to conclude the process.

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