How to Buy Wholesale Dvds for Resale

You can buy wholesale DVDs, in order to boost your earning potential. In the meantime, buying wholesale DVDs also allows you to increase your stock, which in turn, benefits the customers in a way that they get more choice when it comes to choosing DVDs of their own preference. Also, if you are starting up your own DVD selling business, then you will have a number of options to get wholesale DVDs.

It all depends on what method you choose to create a healthy stock in your store. Keep reading this article in order to know about some of the common places where you can get wholesale DVDs at cheap prices.


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    One of the best ways to purchase wholesale DVDs is to buy from a wholesale DVD vendor. You can set up an account with a reputable wholesale dealer of DVDs. JM Distribution, Super D and Mountain View Movies are some of the best wholesale vendors in the market. So, you can set up your account with any one of them, in order to get best prices for your purchases.

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    You can also look for going-out-of-business sales. Sometimes it happens that a video or electronics store gets out of business, and in turn, announces liquidation sales for its lot of DVDs.

    In such case, you can contact with the owner or manager of the store and quote him a price for the whole lot. Most of the times, the owners will agree to sell their stock at very low price.

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    If you do not find any such liquidation sale in your area, then you can also search for different online liquidation companies. These companies purchase all the stock from the companies that go out of business, and then sell it further to their customers. Usually they offer cheap prices to attract their customers.

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    You can also check for local government auctions, as many local and state agencies set different things on auctions, even DVDs. Apart from that, you can also look for online DVD auctions.

    In the online auctions, the sellers set a minimum bid price and the highest bidder wins the auction. If there is not much competition, then there is a chance that you may get a great deal.

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    Contact the managers of the local movie-rental stores, and ask them to inform you whenever they clear out their DVD inventory. You can get a decent price for the clearance stock.

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