How to Effectively Schedule your House Chores

Looking casually at the chores at home, one can dismiss them as a part of a routine that everyone follows. They may appear to be simple and easy but housewives will beg to differ. Similar will be the case of women who are doing jobs and men who take interest in participating in work done at home.

Like any task, one must take a professional approach to the house chores. One has to make a schedule of how to do these chores otherwise there will be confusion and nothing will get done on time.

In order to make a schedule, one must consider some important factors that can help in making of a good schedule that works.


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    You have to prioritise the working time of each chore and make sure that you give the most time to the most important ones. If you are energetic early on in the morning, get the hardest work out of the way at that time. Do not spend your energy on chores that are less important or can be done later on as they are not urgent in nature.

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    There will be chores which you can perform while you are talking on the phone or watching your favourite TV show. Work like cutting veggies for dinner or drying the dishes to be put away can be done this way. You will save some time by doing these tasks in relatively free time.

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    Get Up Early

    For your schedule to be followed properly, make sure that you get up early. Although this may seem to be something that is not necessary, it can actually be a massive help.  Once you get up early and start your routine chores, by the time the clock strikes ten, you are done with most of the work that you had on schedule for that particular day. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction and helps you keep going when it can be pretty dull.

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    Plan Ahead

    If you are going to perform a number of different tasks in a week that require a lot of effort, make sure that you do not schedule them all the same day. Doing one tough task a day is a handful and if you start performing several, your schedule will almost certainly not be working. Do not over exert yourself so that you are able to achieve the desired results.

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