How to Move a Refrigerator in a Truck

There are numerous reasons why someone might want to move a refrigerator in a truck. It can be because you are moving to a different location, you are going to sell the refrigerator or there is a problem and you need to have it fixed. Nevertheless, loading the fridge in a truck can be very tricky if you do not possess the appropriate knowledge or help. In general you will need someone to assist you so that you do it properly otherwise you will end up damaging the refrigerator and getting hurt in the process.

Things Required:

– Plywood Ramp
– Truck


  • 1

    Empty your fridge

    The most important thing in this regard is to empty your fridge before you plan on moving it. It is very difficult to move a fridge that is filled with items. You must take out all the food items and place them in your kitchen. After the food has been taken out, you must start taking out all the trays and racks of your fridge.

  • 2

    Park the truck close to the fridge

    You must try to save as much of a headache as possible and for this, you should park the truck as close to fridge as possible. If you are having issues with that, you must park the car in front of your door and drag the fridge to the car. Do not forget to seal the fridge door and place it on plywood, making a ramp to help make things easy for you.

  • 3

    Have one person on each side of the fridge

    It is important that you should have one person on each side of the fridge. Make sure that a strong person is holding the compressor side as it is comparatively heavier to handle.

  • 4

    Tilt it forward

    When you have reached the truck, you must tilt the refrigerator forward as it will be easier for you to load it into the truck. It is necessary that you place one person on the other the side of the fridge, as it will be convenient for them to pull it inwards. Make sure that the fridge is on the ramp otherwise it will be difficult for you to load it.

  • 5

    Place the back against cab of truck

    Now, you must enter the truck and place the back of the fridge against the cab of pickup to ensure that it does not move around while the vehicle is moving.

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