How to Celebrate your First Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries is something worth celebrating not only because it’s a special day in your life, also because you managed to survive one of the toughest years of marriage as well. Jokes apart, first year of the marriage is the most difficult to deal with because of certain reasons. In this first year, you can judge your relationship with your partner and your first anniversary is an opportunity for you to set things on the right track if there are any hiccups.

There are several things you can do on your first anniversary from taking your partner to a dinner to buying her an expensive gift. Following these simple suggestions, you can make your first anniversary a living memory.


  • 1

    Exchange gifts with your partner

    Most couple forget anniversary gifts which is not a good sign for your marriage. You have to give your partner a gift, expensive or not expensive is up to you. Gifts shows affection and the first anniversary is a very important day in your life after marriage. So don’t be reluctant in that regard and exchange gifts.

  • 2

    A cake would be amazing

    Cakes are one of the best things in this world, especially the wedding cakes. However, this does not mean that you stop the process after your marriage. Yes, a cake on your marriage is compulsory but a cake on your first wedding anniversary can make things amazing for you, keep that in mind.

  • 3

    Relive your wedding day

    First wedding anniversary is a chance for you to relive your wedding day. During the routine life, you don’t get many chances to go through your wedding photos and videos. Going back in time can help you realise a lot of things and you should do it on your first wedding anniversary.

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    A classical dinner

    Take you partner out on a dinner. Choose a romantic place and order her favourite meal. Act like newly weds and it will benefit you to larger extent.

  • 5

    A second honeymoon

    Yes, a second honeymoon. Couple do not go to more than one honeymoons and it is the custom these days. However, your first wedding anniversary is a day where you can go to a romantic vacation with your partner.

  • 6

    Throw a party

    Throw a party to your close relatives and friends and make your first wedding anniversary a day to remember. Take a lot of photos, make a video as well and you will not regret it for sure.

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