How To Change a Transmission Filter

Vehicles need to be maintained on a timely basis to keep them in good shape. Changing the fluids and lubricants in the car on a regular basis is the most important step in keeping your engine running and healthy, and when it is done, change of filters in also paramount.

You don’t need to go to a mechanical shop to change a fluid; it can be done very easily in your own backyard and helps you save precious time and money. Replacing the transmission filter is a little more complex than changing the engine oil, but it is not something you can’t do at home. All you need is to be careful and follow the simple guidelines.


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    First of all give ample time to vehicle to cool down completely. It is recommended to start working on this project on a Sunday morning. Set the transmission to parking mode and apply parking brakes.

    Use a jack to lift the car from one side and use a solid load bearing safety stand to share load from the jack. Now slowly turn the air knob in the jack to release the pressure, the car will come down slowly and rest on the safety stand.

    Repeat the same procedure for the other side of the car, however, there is no need to remove jack this time around.

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    Put a tub or a drain pan under the transmission of the vehicle and use a wrench to take out the drain plug - give it about 4-5 minutes to drain out completely.

    When the dripping has stopped, put the drain plug back in its place and tighten it appropriately. Now open the transmission pan using the required wrench or a spanner.

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    Slowly take off the pan with the help of the screw driver and do not waste the oil present inside it; drain its contents into the drain can.

    Disconnect the filter from the transmission box using the required tools and replace it with the new one in its place. Also affix its seal in place of the old one and fix the new pan gasket on the transmission box.

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    Follow all the steps in the reverse order to close the transmission panel. Take the car off the jack and add transmission fuel as it will be depleted as a result of the process.

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