How To Change Parking Permit Contact Details In London

Residents of London who own a car need to have a parking permit to legally park their cars in streets. Applying for a parking permit or changing the contact details requires a proper procedure to follow, which varies from council to council. Whenever your circumstances change; such as you move to a new house, you get a new car and sell off the old one, or you are changing the contact details, you will have to notify the local council immediately to get an updated version of your parking permit. You can simply follow the step by step procedures mentioned below to change your parking permit details.


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    If you have changed your vehicle, your address or other contact details then you will have to notify the local council to update them regarding the changes.

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    What you need

    If you want to apply for parking permit changes, e.g contact details, then you will need to mention the following things:

    - Your vehicle’s registration mark.
    - A working email address.
    - Your parking permit number.
    - Debit or credit card to make payment.
    - If you are changing the address then you will need a proof of the address.
    - If you want to change the vehicle then you will need a vehicle proof.

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    Application Procedure

    You can either apply for the contact details changes online or by post. To apply for contact detail changes online, please visit this link and find your local council to complete the procedure. You can also make the changes by making use of the One Stop Express locations throughout your council. These One Stop Express locations are available in different libraries and post offices. The third procedure is to make changes by post. Visit this link and download the form from your local council’s website then fill it in and send it back to the address mentioned on the printed form.

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    Your New Updated Parking Permit

    If you have applied online then you will be able to print a new temporary parking permit to display it on your vehicle. Once you get your amended permit by post then remove the temporary permit and display the new. Also don’t forget to send the old parking permit you have back to them.

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