How to Check What Kind of Android Phone You Have

You should be fully aware of every kind of electronic gadget you purchase, especially your cell phone. Since you have to spend a handsome amount on buying a smart phone these days, you must be aware of its specifications and name, as this information can be very important in certain circumstances.

New updates in the smart phone technology and upcoming applications are directed towards specific cell phones. Considering the Android phones, their names are not always mentioned on the side of its case and it is such an important piece of information which you must know. Once you are aware of the model name of your Android smart phone, you can easily follow up any updates being launched from the manufacturers.

It is not an issue if your Android cell phone name is not written on the side of its case, as you can check it out inside the phone. Just few clicks on your Android phone will reveal you this important information and it will not take more than 30 seconds to do so. The following four steps will help you out to check what kind of Android phone you are carrying and it will further facilitate you to compare your smart phone to the other ones in the market.


  • 1

    You have to get access to the phone settings to start with. Press the Menu button and the list of options will appear on the screen, showing all the settings of your Android smart phone. Click on the ‘System settings’.

  • 2

    The entire settings options of your Android smart phone will appear on the cell screen after you enter System settings. Scroll down the list right to the bottom of the screen.

  • 3

    The ‘About phone’ option will appear at the last of the settings list. Tap on it and this will open up all the necessary information regarding your Android phone. You can get a detailed know how of your smart phone through these options, including the legal information, system updates, Android version and more technical information including baseband version, Webtop version and Kernel version your phone is carrying.

  • 4

    There will be a tab named ‘Model number’ in about the middle of your phone screen. A text will be written underneath that tab, stating the type of the Android phone you have, for example ‘Droid Razr’, and that’s it. Now you know about your Android smart phone model and you can easily follow up any new updates or modifications regarding your cell model in the market.

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