How to Choose a Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking is said to deprive a person of almost 10 years of his life. It has been widely associated with heart diseases, as well as mouth and lung cancer. Despite it’s negative, a great number of people seem to continue smoking. According to reports, almost every two of three smokers want to quit smoking, yet it proves them hard for them to do so. For successfully quitting this life reducing habit, one needs to lay down a proper strategy, for the permanent cessation of it.


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    Talk to a Doctor

    Before you think of starting a smoking cessation program, it's better that you consult a doctor. A professional would certainly be able to provide you high quality advice and inform you of the options you have, as well as the measures that can be taken in order to pursue the cessation program. The consultancy can prove to be more productive than you might think, so don't hesitate to pay your doctor a visit.

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    Why quit?

    The question that you need to answer yourself is why do you want to quit. Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health, and is not considered to be a good habit. But sometimes it's just not enough that to convince your own self, for that you need to list down all the reasons that can persuade you to quit smoking. That list would be able to strengthen your will power for keeping away from cigarettes for good whenever you feel the craving for a smoke.

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    Set a quit date

    For having a successful smoking cessation program you need to establish a 'quit date', after wards which you promise yourself never to smoke again. Setting such goals can also help you in persuading your anti-smoking initiative.

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    Tell your social circle

    Inform your friends and family that you have decided to quit smoking, asking them for their moral support. That can prove to be a big morale booster as they would appreciate your efforts and your healthy attitude. Furthermore, if you have friends who are regular smokers, then apologize that you can't hang around them for a while due to your newly followed cessation program.

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    Financial Rewards

    Calculate that how much money that you'd be just saving by not spending it on cigarettes. Think about the possibility that where you could use that money, and what good that come of it. The monetary reward certainly seems to be a boost in your bid quit smoking.

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    Make strategies

    Come up with possible tactics and plans in order to keep yourself on the track. You need to come up with options as to what you are going to do when you feel the urge to smoke. You can indulge yourself in activities which would keep you busy, or take your mind off things such as smoking.

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    Change your habits

    Whether you started smoking because of peer pressure, frustration, work-related tensions or just for the sake of trying that, it's about time to let go of your past and quit the old habit. You need to get hold of yourself and prove that you have the will power to do it.

  • 8

    Get rid of all smoking related stuff

    Try getting rid of all the ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters and other such things associated with smoking. This would motivate you in your cause and help you quit smoking for good. Make sure that there's no chance that you can find an old pack of cigarettes at home or at work, which could tempt you into smoking.

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