How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

Selecting an external colour for your home is not as easy as some of you may think. There are many things which need to be considered. Firstly, you have to choose a colour that goes well with the design of your house.Then you have to cater for the paint scheme of your neighbours, and the surrounding area.

Choosing an external colour shade for your home also involves choosing mixed colors such as those needed for the trim, doors, gate and shutters. You just cannot have the colors of your own choice painted, without making a genuine assessment of all the tangibles.

Some tips and instructions are detailed in this article to help you choose the exterior colour for your house.


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    Decide on how many colors you will be choosing. Contemporary homes sometimes have metallic windows that do not require to be painted. But they will have eaves that may be colored in a distinct shade to the exterior. If you do have window cut and doors to be colored, decide how many colors you want to work with.

    Typically, property owners colour their exterior walls, shades and shutter with one shade, the external cut with a second shade and use a third colour to paint doors and gate. White colour or cream colour is the most commonly used shade for external cuts as it makes your house look attractive from the outside.

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    Choose colors for painting the exterior walls that combine well with the stone for an elegant look. If your home is completely made of stone and bricks, select a cut colour that combines well with the mortar.

    After deciding the colors you will be using the paint the exterior of your house, you should start shopping at your local colour store and pick up external colour shade catalogues. Many will include shade combinations that look great together.

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    Use a design application that will allow you to download a photo of your home. It is advised to experiment with the combination of colours before choosing the final design. Some of the colour producers provide this application for free to make the decision making process easier for you.

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