How to Choose Gardening Shoes

Gardening can be a lot of fun. It allows you to do an outdoor activity that is not intensive in nature and you get a chance to do something nice with your own hands. Many people these days are growing their own organic vegetables and having a small garden is a great thing.

You need to have the right set of tools though and often overlooked are the shoes which are an important factor that will come into play when you are gardening. Make sure that you get the right ones to have a great experience.


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    Your Garden’s Type

    If your garden is plain and is clean of all kinds of stones and thorns, then one can opt for casual shoes that are more comfortable. If, however, the garden has its ups and downs and there are some smaller rocks or thorns in it, you will need to wear some heavy duty shoes ideally with a thick sole so that the thorn or the rocks do not hurt your feet.

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    Plain Shoes

    Try plain shoes that have a very small heel. This will allow you to be on your feet for a longer period of time without hurting your ankles. Be careful with the posture as getting in the wrong posture can damage you back.  Ideally get sneakers if you are not going to be doing heavy work. In case you will be involved in plowing, it is best that you use heavy duty shoes so that you do not hurt your feet. Whatever you buy, the shoes must be comfortable and must not hurt your ankles and legs.

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    Have Some Colours

    Since you will be working in the garden, it is a good idea to buy shoes that have some colours on them. They will look great on you when your surrounding is all colourful as well. Since they will only be used in the garden, it is okay to wear them even if you are someone who does not prefer colours on their footwear.

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    Check Latest Trends

    Go online on gardening forums and check out the latest trends that are going around in the market. This will help you in having an idea as to what shoes are available that are hip and trendy at the moment. You can also compare shoe quality and prices and get the ones that you feel are right for you.

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