How To Choose Moisturizer for a Dry Face

You have a dry skin and want to choose a good moisturizing product for regular use. However, when you go to a beauty store to purchase one, you will be easily baffled to see countless moisturizing creams, lotions, serums and other skin treatments. It can be a really tough task to choose the most suitable moisturizing product for your dry skin from such a huge variety. It is also true that you will require more than one type of moisturizer for different parts of your body and it also makes your selection process problematic. Well, considering few vital things, you can choose the right type of skin moisturizer for your face, hands, feet and other body parts.


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    Assessing the skin problem

    First thing first, you need to know your exact skin type and the problems you face. You have to be certain that whether your entire body skin is dry or there are just some patches of dry and rough skin on your body? The level of dryness also holds the key in selecting the correct moisturizer. You have to check if your skin is moderately, mildly or severely dry. Many people develop dry skin in winter only or from excessive sun exposure and hence require treatment accordingly.

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    Look out for the cause of your dry skin. Dehydration, aging, genetics, eczema and sun exposures are some of the common causes of dry skin. Once you know the actual cause of dryness of your skin, it will be easier for you to find a remedy.

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    For extremely dry skins, oil-based products are the best solution. Use of petroleum jelly and shea butter at nights allow the oils within these products to soak in the skin while you relax. Opt for the products that contain natural oils, like grape seed and lanolin, while purchasing at the beauty stores. Olive oil is another natural product with amazing moisturizing abilities.

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    For lesser dry skins, a good moisturizing cream can serve a decent purpose. Choose a moisturizing cream containing collagen, shea butter, glycerine and hyaluronic acid. Most of the heavy moisturizing creams are advised to be used at night, giving them sufficient time to penetrate different layers of your dry skin.

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    Mildy dryness of skin can be dealt with using non-oily lotions for day time use. Contents like aloe vera, jojoba, glycolic acid and stone crop, should be looked in moisturizing lotions.

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