How to Patch Test Skin Product

People take pains in finding just the right product for their specific skin type. You can’t be brand cautious here, as even a famous and expensive product might  turn out to be ill-suited to your skin, causing a severe reaction. For this reason, it is recommended that whenever you are thinking of purchasing a new skin care product, instead of risking your face, apply a small quantity on your hand or elbows and wait for a day or two to see how your skin reacts to the product – this is called patch testing. Use the product only when you are convinced that it is safe.


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    Using a skin product for the first time is tricky, because you never know what effect the chemicals in the product will have on your skin. So, in order to avoid a major complication, it is suggested that you patch test - take only a small quantity of the product and apply it either on the inside of your wrist or your elbow. Make sure you rub the product into your skin properly.

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    Leave the area and allow the product to settle on the skin. This could take anything from a few hours to a day, so be patient and do not jump to conclusions or decide on a result before 24 hours have elapsed.

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    You cannot wash your skin during this time, so try to stay away from showers and washing your hands.

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    During these 24 hours, you need to constantly check for any signs of swelling, burning or redness.

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    If you find that you are experiencing these symptoms, do not panic, and gently rub the product off with water. Then, dry the area which was used for the experiment.

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    After the 24 hours are complete, check for signs of a negative reaction. If the skin is perfectly fine, then you can conclude that the product in question is safe for your body and face.

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