How to Prevent Razor Burn

A good and clean shave is a great way to start your day. It gives a good impression especially among customers and colleagues. However, razor burns are the most common after shaving. It not only spoils a good shave but also looks bad.

Razor burns are irritating rashes formed on skin and almost everyone has suffered from it once or more. These burns are slightly itchy and form red rashes which are easily noticeable on your face. In worst cases, these burns produce razor bumps. Razor bumps look like pimples and are itchier then razor burns.


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    Apply facial scrub lotion before shaving

    First of all you need to apply facial scrub lotion or loofah before shaving. This is to reduce razor burns and getting rid of dead skin. You should wait around 15 to 20 minutes after waking up for shaving. This will dissolve bodily fluids that welled during the night. You should shave after exercising in order to prevent the sweat irritating the freshly shaved skin.

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    Wash face with warm water

    You should wash you face with warm water in order to open up the pores. Applying warm water and steam will also soften the skin and facial hair of your face. Remember that a soft beard can easily be cleared.

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    Use new razor blades

    You should use new and sharp razor blades when shaving. Using disposable razors may be expensive but it will avoid razor burns. Discard the blades before they get blunt as using razors many times will lead to burns. In case you are using an electric shaver then properly clean the blades before using.

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    Apply shaving cream or gel

    First wet the area you want to shave and then apply shaving cream or gel. Remember to use a good quality shaving cream and do not apply ordinary soaps. You can also use shaving oils instead of cream.

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    Rinse blade after every stroke

    You should rinse blade after each stroke. This is to remove whiskers which will cause hindrance of getting a close shave. Remember to keep everything moist while shaving.

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