How to Choose the Proper Fondue Pot

It is fun to host fondue dinners as they were very popular back in the 70’s. The primary thing to know before hosting such a dinner is having the right fondue pot. It can be very embarrassing if the fondue pot breaks during the party. This is why it is important to know the different kinds of pots which are suited for particular purposes. There are four kinds of pots: Cheese Fondue Pot, Broth Fondue Pot, Chocolate Fondue Pot and Electric Fondue Set. You should choose according to the dish you want to make and the number of guests.


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    Cheese Fondue Pot

    These are made from earthenware. They are structured to have a wide opening and a flat bottom for the dipping. These types of fondue pots are very good for wine, cheese and other ingredients as the surface is unglazed so that the flavour can get absorbed. The burner has a constant set temperature so that the cheese remains in its liquid form and doesn’t solidify.

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    Chocolate Fondue Pot

    It is made from different materials like earthenware, ceramic and sometimes porcelain. They have glazed surfaces and are smaller than cheese pots. The glazed surface prevents the chocolate from sticking. This is important if want to have nice melted chocolate for dipping into. Tea lights are used to manage the temperature.

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    Hot Oil Fondue Pot

    These are sometimes called meat fondue pots and they can stand very high temperature and do not break. Metals are the most suitable materials for these pots. There are two kinds like an all metal pot, it is lined with steel and made of copper and the other is completely made of steel. The copper pot is better at distributing heat. These pots have spatter guards to provide safety.

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    Electric Fondue Set

    Electric fondue sets are getting quite popular nowadays. The pot is multipurpose as it is suitable for making all kinds of fondue so it provides a lot of convenience. It is very simple to use as all you have to do is to plug it in and the correct temperature should be set, after that the ingredients are added and the fondue is ready very quickly. The simplicity of use, the versatility of the pot and the time saving makes it an automatic favourite. It also gives added safety as there is no flame or fire involved in the pot. It is easy to use around kids if they are guided by adults.

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