How To Claim Housing Benefit In London

The Housing benefit scheme is part of the 1992 legislation act called Social Security Contributions and Benefit Act 1992. According to this scheme the housing rents of those people are paid by the state who find it difficult to rent a house. The responsibility was first shifted from the Department of Social Security to the local authorities in 1982 and since then, the benefit is monitored and paid by the local authorities or boroughs. Only people with low income, whether they are working or not but who need some financial support from the government to pay all or some part of their rent, can apply for the housing benefit scheme but there are some conditions on getting this benefit. You will need to follow a proper procedure in order to get yourself awarded the housing benefits.


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    Eligibility Criteria

    - A person who falls under one or more of the following categories cannot apply for the housing benefit.
    - A person with savings of £16,000 or more unless he/she is getting pension credit or guarantee credit.
    - A person who lives in a relative’s house.
    - A person who is in full time education unless he/she is disabled or have children.
    - A person who is an asylum seeker or somebody who has sponsorship to stay in United Kingdom.

    There are some other restrictions on getting the housing benefit including:

    - If a person shares the residency with a spouse or civil partner, then only one of them can apply for the housing benefit.
    - A person who is under 35 years of age and is single can only get housing benefit for a bed sit or a shared room.

    If you want to check your eligibility for the housing benefit scheme then simple visit this link and search for your local authority details to contact them.

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    How much you can get?

    If you are renting a property from a landlord then the housing benefit will be calculated according to the local housing allowance rules.

    In case of residing in the council's premises then the benefits will be same as the eligible rent.

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    How will you be get paid

    If you live in a council house then the rents will be paid directly into your council’s rent account.

    If you live in any other property then the rents will be paid to you by cheque or transfered to your or the building society's bank account.

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    How to claim?

    If you are not claiming any other benefits then you can download the housing benefit form, here.

    Simply download this form, fill it and submit it to your local borough council. They will then decide on the outcome of your application by carefully considering all aspects of it.

    If you are rejected the housing benefits and you think the decision is wrong, then you can appeal against it by following the instructions given in this leaflet.

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