How to Clean Your Broom

The broom you use in and around your house gets exposed to some serious dirt, dust and sometimes worse. In order to keep a clean home, it is important that your broom  should not only clean the messes that may arise, but also be clean itself in doing so.

Things Required:

the dirty broom (plastic broom)
dish soap
a bucket
vacuum (various extensions recommended)
access to running water and a sink


  • 1

    Pick Out the Bits

    Using your hand, carefully remove the larger and cleaner debris and other items that may be stuck in your broom. Use one of your vacuum's small brush extensions and vacuum the broom thoroughly.

  • 2


    Place the broom bristles under running water for a couple of minutes to remove any remaining dirt, debris and residue. This may take longer, so clean accordingly.

  • 3

    Let it Get Clean

    In a large bucket, mix 1 part dish soap, 1 part bleach and 3 parts hot water. Allow the bottom of the broom to soak in the bucket for 15-30 minutes.

    The soap will clean the broom while the bleach acts to remove bacteria and odours.

  • 4

    Rinse Again

    Place the broom under running water once again to remove all soap and bleach. The broom is done rinsing once there are no longer soap bubbles appearing.

  • 5

    Air Dry

    Place the broom outside to dry in direct sunlight (weather permitting). Place against a fence or wall with the bristles facing upwards. The broom should be dry after a few hours.

  • 6

    Return and Ready

    Once dry, return your broom to its usual hiding spot. It is now ready to be your right-hand man once again.

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