How to Communicate With Your Physician

Most patients take their physicians for granted and expect them to diagnose and cure diseases magically. However, this is not the right approach as you have to communicate with your physician, making it easier for him to treat you.

The relationship between a physician and a patient is an extremely personal one, built on mutual trust and chemistry. You must trust your doctor and express your views clearly about a problem and he should listen to you with patience in return.

In order to enhance your communication level with your physician, you need to take a few things into account.


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    Be organized and keep records

    Most of the doctors are extremely busy and they do not have a lot of time to spend with you. Therefore, you must be prepared before meeting your physician, so that you are focussed on the problems that you want to discuss with him/her.

    Before going to the doctor, you should think about the questions that you would like to ask. It is recommended that you write down the questions and your problems on a paper so that you make the most of the precious time.

    Make a file of your medical history and take it along as you go to the physician. This will really help the doctor understand your problem efficiently.

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    Be assertive

    You need to remember that there is nothing more important than your health. Some doctors just go through the motions without paying a lot of attention to the concerns of the patient. In such a scenario, you should be a little assertive without getting rude.

  • 3

    Show confidence

    It is important to let the doctor feel that you have full faith in his abilities. Be very respectful and make the physician comfortable by having a gentle smile on your face all the time.

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    Ask again if you are not satisfied

    If you are not satisfied with your physician's feedback, you should not be reluctant to repeat questions. It is the job of the doctor to ensure that the patient is satisfied and his/her concerns are appropriately addressed.

  • 5

    Never lose patience

    Patience is a great virtue and you must not lose temper, even if the physician is not giving you due attention. Instead, you should convey your displeasure in a respectful manner.

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