How to Connect With Your Grandchildren

Kids need love and attention of their grandparents to know more about this world.

Grandparents offer unconditional love and affection that grandchildren needs. Whether you live with them, next door or even across the world, grandparents will be there when grandchildren needs them. If anything happens to parents, grandparents also provide home for them.

With the world turning into global village, grandparents can easily connect with their grandchildren through telephones, easy long distance travelling, mobile phones, mails and internet connections. With these methods you can stay in touch with your grandchildren


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    Talk to your kids the importance of spending time with you and your grandchildren

    First you need to talk to your grandchildren’s parents of how much spending your time with them is important. Your kids may be busy in their own life or only want to love their children without knowing that their kids’ grandparents also want to love them with similar intensity.

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    Make your grandchildren love you without buying gifts

    You need to make your grandchildren love you without buying gifts or expensive stuff to win their heart.

    You can take your grandchildren to different places where they will enjoy e.g. zoo. You can also take them out for an ice cream which costs around half dollar or take them to departmental or any big store where they can wander around and analyse things.

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    Take your grandchildren to lunch

    To connect with your grandchildren, you can take them out to lunch at their favourite places e.g. fast food restaurants. Take them to McDonald’s which is comparatively cheaper and kids love it mainly due play area in them.

    You can also take them to movies or even tell them your life experiences and adventures.

  • 4

    Make crafts with your grandchildren

    You can build fortresses or crafts of anything with your grandchildren. Kids love these types of activities and bonding with them after performing similar activities can help you connect with your grandchildren.

    Remember to use your imagination to entertain your grandparents after making stuff.

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    Spend time with your grandchildren

    You can watch old shows which you love when you were kids or you can watch new cartoons or shows with your grandchildren. Tom and Jerry are fun to watch at all ages.

    You can also read out bedtime stories or tell them other stories before going to bed. Grandchildren just need little time to get attach with you and then you can even go out camping with them.

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