How To Control a Steering Wheel

You are most likely to be aware of what steering wheel is? It’s a tool that is used to navigate a car’s direction while driving it. However, you may know what it is but you are probably not aware of how it should be dealt with and for that reason you visited this article. Don’t worry, there is no hardcore science involved in tackling with this issue. You may seem to be very comfortable with the way you drive but you are probably not sure if it is entirely safe or not. There might be an argument in your mind that driving is ‘no-brainer’ because you can just move the entire car at your will anytime with a steering wheel but you must not forget that most accidents on planet are caused by careless driving and a simple error can leave you in a whole lot of distress than you can ever imagine.


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    You’re not safely driving your car if you don’t have both of your hands on the steering wheel. For example; if you were driving it with a finger or knees and suddenly an a child came across the middle of the road and stood there for no apparent reason, your best possibility to escape an accident is when you have your both hands on the steering wheel. Only then you can turn the car abruptly, otherwise the time that you will take in putting both hands on the steering wheel, the car might run over that poor kid and you will be charged with punishment at prison.

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    Don’t leave a steering wheel at any stage of the journey unless your car is standing still at the signal. Only then, you can change the radio channel of alter the volume of your tape etc. Never do that while driving because that can divert your concentration and probably result in a car going to the wrong direction causing an accident.

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    Handle the steering from the top and your grip should be lose because tight grip can cause the steering to jam at your hands and you may not be able to have reflex action on a sudden change in the scenario at the road which requires a swift turn.

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    Always change gear with one hand at the top of the steering wheel and not sideways of bottom because changing a gear and turning at the same time can be hazardous if you aren’t holding the steering wheel from the top.

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