How to Control Mealybugs on Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only enhance the overall look and environment of your home sweet home, but are also a great source of fresh healthy air. However, there may come a time when you must deal with a Mealybugs’ attack on your gorgeous indoor plants. These uninvited insects can land on your indoor plants any time they want.

Learn a bit about these annoying insects. Learn a bit about these annoying insects. Mealybugs are basically sap-drinking creatures, causing great deal of damage in a short period of time. These insects from the family Pseudococcidae turn out honeydew, which is a source of attraction for ants and also supports the growth of fungus on your house plants. These cottony-looking insects are found in every part of the globe, causing the lovely indoor plants to do weakly or even die. Do not take these slow-moving, small but evil ones which are incredibly difficult to get rid of.

So, what are you thinking for? Do not expect any external help as it’s you, who really have to take steps to control Mealybugs on your indoor plants. If you really want to enjoy live plants from the comfort of inside, then follow this simple guide of step by step that has proven successful in controlling these insects.


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    Identify Mealybugs on your indoor plants

    First of all identify the Mealybugs by turning around the leaves of your house pants and checking underneath the leaves along with the leaves’ joints.

  • 2

    Isolate the plague-ridden indoor plants

    Once you identify Mealybugs; shift the plague-ridden indoor plants to a separate part of your house in order to isolate them from rest of the healthy plants. Otherwise, the Mealybugs will attack them as well.

  • 3

    Give your affected indoor plants a shower

    Extricating the Mealybugs with a solid stream of water is the easiest way to control them. Take a spray bottle, fill it with cold water and squirt directly on the affected areas of your indoor plants. Continue spraying until stream of water washes the irritating insects.

  • 4

    Give your affected indoor plants a bath

    If the plain water shower does not work against the Mealybugs, then give your affected indoor plants a bath. Take a bucket and mix some dish detergent with water. Wear disposable gloves and stir the mixture until the detergent dissolves completely, forming a foamy mixture. Now, wash the affected area of your indoor plants, using your hand (with gloves).

    Note: Make sure not to avoid over scrubbing as it can damage the leaves of your indoor plants.

  • 5

    Spray soap-oil mixture

    Spray your infected indoor plants with a soap-oil mixture, which is a matter of few minutes to prepare in your kitchen. Take a disposable bowl and pour ½ teaspoon of insecticidal soap, 1 quart water and ¼ teaspoon of horticultural oil into it. Gently dispense this mixture into an empty spray bottle and seal it thoroughly. Now, shake the bottle until the ingredients mix up well and forms a well blended mixture. Spray the soap-oil mixture on the affected plants daily until your get rid of the Mealybugs.

  • 6

    Alcohol works against the Mealybugs

    Alcohol is another best remedy against the attack of Mealybugs on your indoor plants. Wear gloves, take few cotton balls and dip them in alcohol. Now, rub the alcohol-soaked cotton balls against the Mealybugs. See them drying out within few hours and enjoy.

  • 7

    Cryptolaemus montrouzieri – the Mealybugs destroyer

    Cryptolaemus montrouzieri is one among the lady bird species and a cost-effective solution to the Mealybugs attack on your indoor plants. These use creatures digest the Mealybugs without harming your indoor plants and that is the reasons why they are also known as Mealybugs Ladybird. Buy them from your nearest market and release them on the affected plants.

  • 8

    Squeeze your indoor plants’ enemies

    Put on thick gloves, pick your indoor plants’ enemies off by hands and squeeze them as much force as you can. It is costless but very simple and guaranteed method to get rid of the unwanted Mealybugs.

  • 9

    Spray Mealybugs with insecticides and pesticides

    Resort this step as your last option in controlling the Mealybugs on your indoor plants. There are many brands of insecticides and pesticides, easily available in the market. Purchase a fine quality insecticide or pesticide and spray it all over the infected indoor plants.

    Note: Make sure to wear gloves and cover your face along with eyes while spraying insecticide or pesticide.

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