How to Make a Soda Bottle Cloche

Cloches are very useful gardening tools. They help protect a seedling from being trampled over and provide it with the humidity. This humid environment encourages rapid plant growth and seed germination. Another benefit of it is to shield a baby plant from being stepped over and being damaged by humans and animals. Cloches are centuries old idea that has seasoned over the years in various forms. Originally there were glass cloches. However, there was always a risk of breakage. A soda bottle can serve as the perfect cloche because of it shape and the ability to withstand weathers.

Take time out to make these marvelous garden aides that are going to help you extend the seasons and grow the strongest of plants. Our step by step guide utilizes that spare soda bottle lying in your kitchen in a creative way.


  • 1

    Take a soda bottle and wash it with soap to clear off any bacteria.

  • 2

    Use a marker to mark a point around an inch above the bottom. Use sharp razor or scissors to cut off the bottom from that point. Be careful about you hands while cutting out the bottle as the edges can be sharp. If you are a kid enthusiast ask a parent to help you with this part.

  • 3

    Sink the cut edge well into the ground. You can also dig a bit to make it stand stronger in case the wind is hard enough to blow it away. Unscrew the cap. This will allow ventilation for the plant and vent it off when it gets too humid.

  • 4

    You have set up an excellent protection barrier around your plant that also facilitates its rapid growth. Even if your plant outgrows the bottle, cut the top off the bottle and leave a small section around the plant. This will save it from over stepping accidents.

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