How to Convert US Paper Money to Gold Coins

Gold is one of the best investment options that always gives you profit. With the passage of time, gold has increased its value against the U.S. dollar. Experts say that more people are getting interested in investing in gold. With the financial downturn, it is also important that you should take care of your precious investments as it will benefit you later. If you never invested in anything, try investing in gold. However, before converting your paper money to gold, you should be careful with certain aspects of investments which are perhaps needed to be viewed with great detail.


  • 1

    Go to a coin dealer

    If you are interested to convert your money to gold coin, you need to go first to a coin dealer and ask him the current value of old collectable coins. You should also ask him to give you comparative prices of old coins and new coins. Through a coin dealer, it will be a good thing to do first before you go for investing in gold. You can also collect this type of information from a coin shopping website. Many websites are available on the internet which will certainly guide you through small details. After getting the primary information, then you should go to a gold dealer asking for gold coins. It is also important to understand the current value of gold coins as you need to arrange money accordingly.

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    Verifying coin dealer

    Always verify coin dealers before you make any kind of deal with them. There have been a number of cases reported that fake license holders made deals with common people and later ran away giving fake coins to them. Certification agency will verify for you as to whether any particular dealer has a license or not.

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    Purchasing coins

    After getting all the necessary information, now is the time to purchase coins. You should purchase coins with the exact value of your US dollars.

  • 4

    Shipping insurance

    If the coins are being shipped to you, you better have shipping insurance for security purposes.

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    Store coins in secure place

    Storing the coins in a very secure place is also very important. You need to understand that in a few months or a couple of years time, these coins will be giving you lot of profit as you should also keep them safe.

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