How to Convert WMA Audio to iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is by far the most powerful tool when it comes to smart phones these days. This device has changed the entire dimensions of cell phones with its revolutionary features. Obviously music has become a vital part of every smart phone. Whether it comes to audio songs or videos, every mobile user would opt for a cell phone which can play the most types of formats without any trouble. iPhone has the ability to play audio files of almost all formats except Windows Media Audio (WMA) music files. Since WMA files are owned by Microsoft, Apple’s iPhone does not support this audio format in its operating system. However, Apple has compensated for it by including a converting option within iTunes. You can easily convert any WMA audio file to the format supported by iPhone via iTunes. It will not take much time but the conversion speed will depend on the size of the WMA file you desire to convert.


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    You need to have two softwares at the same time in your desktop or laptop before converting WMA files. First of all, download ‘Windows Media Player 9’ from the internet and install it to your laptop. Apple demands this software to be installed on your laptop or PC before iTunes can convert the unprotected audio files.

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    If you have already installed iTunes on your laptop, open it or otherwise download it from Apple’s official website. iTunes is a necessary software for performing a number of actions with your iPhone, especially data or music transfer.

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    Go to the ‘preferences’ tab in the iTunes and click on the ‘Importing’ button, which you can find almost in the middle of the list of options.

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    A drop-down list will be available with the name of ‘Import Using’, click on it to view the available formats for converting WMA audio files. MP3 and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) options will appear in the drop-down list and you have to select either of them. Both will work equally well on your iPhone.

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    In the last, simply drag the WMA audio file you desire to convert from your desktop and drop it in the iTunes to begin the process. iTunes will automatically convert those WMA files into the format you selected in the previous step. Once the conversion process is complete, you attach your iPhone to the desktop and sync it to iTunes. Your converted audio file will be saved in your iPhone and you can play it in the iPod. Enjoy the music!

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