How to Cook Fresh Asparagus

Asparagus, a perennial and herbaceous plant, possesses stout stems and can grow up to 100 to 150 cm. These slim green spears are extremely rich in nutrition and are a great source of folate, Vitamin A, C and K. It is commonly believed that Egyptians initiated the cultivation of asparagus thousands of years ago. If you can learn to make asparagus, it can be used as a side dish in your meals, allowing you to be a little different while serving guests at home.

While some restaurants also offer this unique dish, its recipe is very easy and you can save some bucks by making it at home.

Prep time: 7 min
Cooking time: 8 min
Total time: 15 min

Asparagus spears: 6
Lemon: 2
Salt: 1 tbsp
Parmesan cheese (optional): One table spoon (grated)


  • 1

    Purchase fresh asparagus

    Fresh spears of asparagus are available in most grocery stores. If you are facing difficulty in finding fresh asparagus, you should contact a specialised vegetable shop.

  • 2

    Wash the spears

    You should now wash the spears nicely. Be a little careful if you are cleaning the asparagus spears with your hands. Having washed them, you need to cut off the thick ends of the spears.

  • 3

    Boil water

    Grab a tall pot and fill it with water. Now put the pot over a boiler and allow it to steam for approximately eight minutes.

  • 4

    Stop the cooking process

    Once the spears of the asparagus have been nicely boiled, turn off the boiler and grab the spears out of it. Allow asparagus to cool down for a couple of minutes before running them under cold water, which will help you stop the cooking process.

  • 5

    Squeeze lemon over asparagus

    Once asparagus has been normalised, put them on a large plate. Take a knife and cut two lemons in two halves each. You can now squeeze the lemon over asparagus.

  • 6

    Salt and parmesan cheese

    Take ΒΌ tablespoon of salt and lightly sprinkle it all over asparagus. If you like grate parmesan cheese, you also add one tablespoon on asparagus.

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