How to Cook With Anise Seeds

Similar in taste to fennel, anise seeds come from a native plant located in eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, Pimpinella anisum. It is now cultivated in Spain and Mexico, and you can easily grow it in your garden. Anise seeds are one of the most common ingredients in baked and sweet goods. When added with liquorice flavour, they complement a variety of dishes. Following some simple guidelines and useful tips, you can cook with anise seeds easily. Cooking with anise seeds not only livens up the flavour of your dish but also helps in preventing stomach upsets and indigestion.

Things Required:

– Anise seeds
– Mortar and pestle


  • 1

    Crush the anise seeds before cooking

    You need to crush the anise seeds after buying them for cooking purposes. You can do this with help of a mortar and pestle. As a result, you will achieve the best flavour for your dish. Remember, anise seeds are also available in oil and powder form. However, the seed gives the best flavour and is a better option for cooking compared to other types.

  • 2

    Add a little amount of cinnamon

    You can further liven up the flavour of anise by adding a little amount of cinnamon or bay leaf. It is advisable for you to add a bit of cinnamon in sweet dishes and a small quantity of bay leaf in soups, stews and meats.

  • 3

    Use anise to spice fruits and vegetables

    It is advisable for you to use anise seeds for spicing up sweet fruits and vegetables. You can spice up steamed pears, sweet potatoes and carrots with the help of these seeds. You can even add a pinch of anise to your baked food items such as cakes, cookies and biscuits to improve their flavours.

  • 4

    Add small quantity of anise seeds to soups and other eatables

    You can add some anise seeds to soups, stews, fish and meats in order to spice them up. Besides these food items, you can add this spice to pasta sauce, lasagne and omelette. This is because anise compliments the taste of dishes which include eggs, spinach and cheese.

  • 5

    Cook anise in its traditional form

    You can cook anise in its traditional form in order to complement its licorice flavour. Remember that anise is used in several East Indian dishes, especially curries.

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