How to Counter a Job Offer without Losing It

Refusing jobs or making counter offers on your own terms and conditions has perhaps become a thing of the past. With too many people being jobless as the world sees one of the worst economic slumps of all times, there are a lot of options for the employers to choose from.

One has to be careful when making such counter offers and has to tackle the whole issue with a lot of care. There can be many reasons for which a person may feel that something can be improved. If you can get a better pay or better hours, why not give it a try. It makes sense and one can carefully approach the potential employer to get success in this regard.


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    Know the Organisation’s History

    Most organisations have a pattern of hiring and dealing with personnel. Study this pattern and see what they have been classically offering their employees and if there is a difference in what was offered to you. This will give you an idea if they are likely going to grant you your wish or not.

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    Arrange a Meeting

    Ideally arrange a meeting in order to discuss the offer that you have received. Meeting face to face can be great in this regard and you can present your side of the matter in person. You can email them in a professional manner or even write them a letter but a personal meeting is still a better option.

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    Be Polite

    Be sure that whichever way you communicate your counter offer, you are polite. Being energetic is fine but do not be erratic. Even if you feel that the offer is unjust and you are definitely qualified for the job, you should still stay calm and discuss the matter. Be convincing and do not be pushy as not all human resource managers will be understanding or caring. Also make sure that you listen to the other party’s point of view as well.

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    Know the Market Situation

    Be sure to know what the going rate for the position is that you have received the offer for. This can be a big help and you can negotiate on the basis of what is being offered in the market as opposed to what you have been offered by that organisation.

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