How to Give Boss’s Day Gifts

16th October is a National Boss Day and in order to gain respect from him/her, you need to give him/her respect as well by making this day memorable. You can make this day pleasant for him/her by doing various things and giving gifts is one of them. It is one of the best days of a year for the boss and make sure you do something that could make his/her day more memorable than any other day of the calendar year.

You along with your colleagues should make necessary preparations to make this day special for your boss. Try to make surprising but pleasant things that your boss is expected to like. Make a small plan for the day and engage all of your colleagues to participate in the activity. You can give boss’ day gifts through so many ways. If you want to know how you can do it then keep reading this post.


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    First of all, start a conversation with co-workers and try to plan things that you want to do for giving a surprise to your boss.

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    Then check the HR policy for the occasion and include all those things that do not violate any discipline of the workplace.

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    Arrange a small party at workplace and bring cookies or desserts that your boss likes. However, try to keep things light as it is not a big party.

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    Also take help from the IT department and fix greeting messages on the computer of your boss. You can also drop a colourful stress ball, a colourful paperweight on his desk that will give a soothing effect.

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    Make sure you are honouring your boss and do not do it for gaining undue favours from him for your promotion etc.

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    Try to crack many jokes relating to bosses but make sure they are not annoying. The purpose of doing this should be to start the day with a laugh.

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    Go to the office or desk of your boss along with all colleagues and give him the day's greetings.

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    Give him a bouquet along with greeting cards for the day and wish him best of luck.

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