How to Get an Internship on Capitol Hill

If you want to learn about the functioning of the government while gaining working experience out of it, nothing can be better than an internship in a congressperson’s office. Internships on Capitol Hill can really help you in increasing your knowledge and understanding of how the government matters are handled. The only downside is that you will not be paid for this intership. The procedure for getting an internship on Capitol Hill has been detailed in this article.


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    Internships on Capitol Hill are offered each year during spring, summer and fall. So, you can apply for the internship whenever you feel comfortable and have the time to do so. Keep reading this article to learn about how you can get an internship on Capitol Hill.

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    During you collegiate studies, make sure you maintain a good grade point average, while having some extra courses on political science as your electives. This is really important because you have to have a strong transcript in order to be considered for the internships offered. There will be hundreds and thousands of applicants for the internships every season and your transcript must be standing out among others, which will brighten your chances for getting selected for your dream internship.

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    You can also consider talking to your college’s guidance counsellor and tell him or her about your interest in getting an internship on Capitol Hill. He/she will have all the information related to the specific position and will let you know right away if you are eligible for the position or not.

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    You can consider contacting senators or representatives in your area about the vacant internship positions in their respective offices in Washington, D.C.

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    While trying to get internships in Washington D.C. offices, you should not forget about applying for the positions offered at your local congressperson's state office.

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