How to Create a Personal Fitness Plan

Personal fitness plan is there to monitor regular physical activity, which includes workout routines and diet. To create your own fitness plan, you just need a calendar and a spreadsheet. This will help you perform all the physical activities and will monitor your ability to perform on a daily basis. Fitness plan will help you determine which body part to focus on, and what you should eat to enhance your functional capacity. It will help keep a check on your productivity, and give you an idea when to step it up, and when to ease up on the workout routine.


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    A monthly schedule is a great way to plan out your fitness plan. It enables you to mark those days where you can or cannot exercise. If you know that you have commitments on certain days, then you can dedicate that day solely to that. However, you can lineup those days which you are ready to dedicate for exercising. If there is a commitment that you think you can change, then have it planned way before time.

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    After making a monthly schedule, it is time to monitor your own fitness situation. Everybody has some idea of how fit they are, and according to your fitness write down what you really want to start with. You can start by timing your run, and your exercise time.

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    The most important part is to set up goals. It will help you determine your progress, but for this to happen you also need to determine what you really want to do with your body. If there is a need to lose weight or a need to build muscles, you can set certain goals targeting only that aspect of your body, and you can then start working toward that goal.

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    It is necessary to choose what type of activity to incorporate in your fitness plan, and when to perform those exercises. Resistance training is a must no matter what the fitness level. And cardio with resistance training go hand in hand. Ideally, schedule two days of resistance training and leave three days for cardio.

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    Another important feature that should be a part of your fitness plan is a workout log. It will actually give you a great perspective on what you are doing, and how many times you are performing a particular exercise. You can use a spreadsheet and create rows, list exercises and your workout sessions to keep track of things.

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