How to Create a Resume that Stands Out

While applying for a post in an established organisation, it is very important to create an impressive resume as you face competition everywhere. Human Resource department of all organisations receive piles of resumes and they scrutinise them before calling the candidates for job interview.

That is why, it is really important to make your resume stand out from other applications. Though, the format of every resume is almost the same but you can lock the attentions by doing couple of things in this short document.

By following some simple directions, you can make your employer believe that no one is better than you for this post. These directions have been pointed out in this article.


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    Know what employers exactly want:

    First of all, you must know what they want from their candidates. Read the advertisement twice and make a list of things that has been mentioned in the qualification box. This exercise will help you to know the job responsibilities and you won’t find any difficulty to create an impressive resume.

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    Be strictly relevant:

    You must understand that professionals do not have much time to evaluate your CV so you should match your resume to the job. To pass through the software filters, you must include more and more keywords to bring your resume at the top. Make sure that your qualification is according to their requirements otherwise your resume will be dumped. The most effective method is to place a list of their requirements in front of you and formulate your resume.

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    Choose the format wisely:

    Though, the most followed format is reverse chronological format in resume but you must choose an appropriate pattern.

    For example, if you are applying out of your field then just mention skills instead of giving details of previous job experiences. However, if you are applying for a job in same field then do mention your relevant experience.

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    Do not drag:

    You must not include unnecessary things in your resume otherwise you won’t be able to clear the software filters. Your CV will be rejected due to TMI (too much information). Keep in mind that an ideal resume is of one or two pages.

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    Sell yourself:

    You cannot impress your potential employer by just giving details of your previous job responsibilities and achievements. Try to make clear how your previous experience can be beneficial for their company.

  • 6

    Prove your claims:

    You must include facts and figures in your resume to prove your claims otherwise you will be another desperate candidate for the employers.

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