How to Cut Down Ice Cream Cravings

Too many of anything can be harmful and result in undesirable consequences. Unfortunately this applies to ice-creams as well. It is never easy to say no to an ice-cream, especially when you are feeling hot or craving to devour something sweet. However, giving in to this temptation can result in a habit and before you know it, you would find yourself becoming really fat, not to mention the weird looks that people would pass when they find you eating ice-cream whenever they look at you.

Cutting down ice-cream cravings is possible, though it would require a strong resolve and a great deal of help from your family and friends.


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    Rather than taking a huge leap, ease yourself out of your ice-cream cravings by gradually decreasing the amount you consume in a day. If you consume about eight bowls of ice-cream on a normal day, reduce the amount by one bowl on day one. On day 2, eat two less bowls of ice-cream than what you used to eat originally. Continue this until you get down to an acceptable number of bowls. Since you gradually decreased the amount of ice-cream consumption, your body and mid will find it easier to adjust to this change and thus the cravings would hardly be as strong as they would have been had your nose-dived from eight bowls of ice-cream to two bowls of ice-cream a day.

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    Overcoming any craving can take a lot out of you and there are bound to be moments of weakness. This is why you need to frequently remind yourself what you are trying to achieve. Do a bit of research on the harmful effects of eating too much ice-cream and use this knowledge to keeping yourself from giving in to your craving.

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    Ask a family member or friends to warn you against eating ice-cream. If you are at home, ask your family to hide the ice-cream bucket from you, or better, do not store ice-cream at home. While hanging out with friends, do not let them buy ice-cream in front of you. Also request them to stop you from buying ice-cream no matter how strong the temptation is.

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    If an ice-cream stand or ice-cream bar comes in your route to your school or office, look for an alternate route. The more you look at the ice-cream stand, the harder it will be for you to resist the temptation.

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    Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This will help to lower down your craving for ice-cream.

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