How to Deal with a Religious Conversion Attempt

Different people have different religious beliefs and nobody has the right to impose his beliefs on another individual. Religion is a personal choice, based entirely on one’s own understanding and perception of the truth. A truth for one person may be a lie for another person, but these opinions should be kept to oneself instead of being forcefully injected in others.

You need to be prepared to deal with a person or group that tries to use coercion or simple dialogue to challenge your religious beliefs and impose their beliefs on you.


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    Remain calm. It is really hard to keep one’s temper and emotions under control when someone comes up and questions your beliefs with the intention of imposing his own beliefs on you. Such people are not only convinced that they know what they are talking about, they are under the impression that you are in the dark and need to be enlightened. This can be somewhat offensive and pretty irritating. However, you should remain calm and not allow your emotions to get the better of you.

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    Disagree respectfully. You have your own set of beliefs, while the individual or group trying to convert you has their own. The difference of opinion has existed between humans since forever and cannot be eliminated. Therefore, you need to accept and respect the difference between their beliefs and yours. If you want to communicate that you do not agree with what they are trying to assert, do so politely and respectfully. A healthy dialogue or discussion is only possible through civilised and polite exchange of opinions.

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    Make an excuse to get away from the person who is questioning your religious beliefs and trying to impose his beliefs on you. It is important to come up with a believable excuse to make a getaway so that the other person does not end up getting offended and begin to feel hatred towards you for snubbing you.

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    Defend your beliefs. If you have done research on your religion to develop a better understanding of it, you can use your research to defend your religion. Do not get emotional why talking about your religion. While defending your religion, make sure you do not say anything against the other person’s religion.

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    Seek help from the law. If you are being threatened by a religious group because of your religious beliefs, do not take it lightly. Report those people to the authorities immediately.

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