How to Decorate Your Art Studio

An art studio is a place where an artist makes his creations. It usually has large windows and long walls where the artist can hang its creations. The large window gives a good view for the art studio. It will allow more sunlight to enter the art studio and when it falls on the finished projects such as paintings, they will look even better. Most artists make their art studio with things they like most, such as the paint colour and shelves placement. Besides this, the flooring and decorations of an art studio differentiate it from others.


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    First thing you can do is to paint the walls when decorating an art studio. You should use lighter and warmer colours on walls e.g. apply tranquil or pale yellow paint. You need to make the walls simple. Remember that darker colours may distract the artist so avoid applying them.

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    You should install simple flooring which can be cleaned easily when paint or anything spills. However, it should be what the artist desires. Hardwood and laminate are good choices for flooring an art studio. You need to avoid carpeting as the stains are difficult to remove from it.

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    You need to add several shelves in your art studios for storage purposes. You can store art supplies, paints and even finished work on these shelves. There are several shades to opt for painting these shelves. Pick the one you like most. Visit a paint shop and take advice from the paint advisors hired by paint companies. You can also pick from a variety of colours when you visit a paint shop.

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    You need to have plenty of lighting for your art studio. Install several overhead lights and use full-spectrum bulbs. Remember that these bulbs will copy sun rays and throw in the room.

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    Fill the walls

    Next hang some art work either personal or inspirational art on the walls to fill up the art studio.  You need to have overhead lights on the spot where you will hang or place these art creations. 

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    White sheers

    For a little privacy you can install white shears on the windows. However, make sure that it does not block the sunlight.

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    If the art studio is spacious then you can add leather couch and comfortable furniture. On the other hand, if there is less space then you can add draft tables and stools.

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