How to Decorate Your Room With Your Many Obsessions

If you have a number of differing interests and possess several obsessions, then decorating your room will be quite a task. If you are tired of redecorating your room again and again, there is a smart way to accomplish this task. There are lots of ways to express yourself through your room without redecorating the room over and over.


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    List the things you definitely want in the room

    Identify the possessions that you really can’t throw out of the room. If you love football, classical music or video games, then select a theme of that sort. Design your room according to your favourite theme so that you don’t get bored from the decorations after some time. Moreover, see what you actually like or will even after a while. There are some things that you enjoy, but you may not in the near future.

    Keep a few fads in the room, but remember to throw them out in good time. Things such as stuffed toys and trading cards are great when you are a kid, but they will not be when you grow up. Set a day each week to set things straight in your room. Therefore, on this particular day redecorate your room according to your taste and liking's.

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    Cleaning and Maintenance

    Every once in a while clean the rug. You should take fair time on this job, and vacuum the carpet with a lot of care. Painting the room with a new colour is also good for the appearance. However, choose a colour that suits your mood and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. After you have painted the room, place the furniture back, and put them in a nice manner so that the room looks great at all times.

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    Decorating keeping obsessions in mind

    Decorate the huge chunk of the room with your interests. If you love the army, the room’s theme should be army style. The bed sheet should be in army colours along with the curtains and put posters of the army men on your walls and doors. Nevertheless, be aware that these things cannot be changed every week so decide carefully.

    Moreover, for fad obsessions put trendy but inexpensive things in the room. On the other, show off your potential, medals and certificates in the room. If you have painted a picture, hang it on a wall and show it to whoever comes and visits you.

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