How to Delete Amazon Viewed Items History

If you are a frequent visitor of Amazon and often buy things or are interested in buying things from there, then you must have a long viewed items history. Some users often feel irritated when they look at their long list of viewed items and they often try to get rid of the list but are unable to find a suitable way. The need to delete the viewed items history may arise if you do not own your computer and are using a shared on with your family. Here is how you can do it.


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    Recognise the need

    You should ask yourself the question whether you really want to get riff of the viewed items history or not. Remember, everything has its pros and cons and so will be the case over here. You might get relieved after deleting your viewed items history but if you want to buy something and you have not placed an order for it yet, deleting the history will make you unable to get your desired thing. Therefore, if you are about to delete your history, make sure that your desired thing is not left unordered as it will create trouble for you in future.

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    Two ways

    There are two ways of keeping the Amazon viewed items history. It does not matter whether you have an Amazon account or not, if you are logged in or not, Amazon will still keep your history to make things convenient for you. Remember that, Amazon keep tracks of all of your browsing history so that you do not have to enter your search words for the same commodity again and again. After you have typed the name of your desired thing, the next time you start entering the initial alphabets; Amazon will prompt the whole word for your ease.

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    Deleting history without an account

    If you have viewed Amazon without an account, you should visit their website and scroll down the homepage. After getting through the centre of their main page, you will see a ‘More Items to Consider’ on your left. The first section of this will suggest you things on the basis of your past search while the other will list down your searched products. Below these, there will be a ‘View or edit your browsing history’, click on it and delete your search.

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    Deleting History with an account

    In this case, the process will be the same but you would have to log in, go to your ‘wish list’ and delete all the items from there.

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