How to Delete Photos From a Fuji FinePix E510 Digital Camera

If you have recently purchased a Fuji FinePix E510 digital camera and after taking too many photos, you are running out of camera’s disk space, then you will have to transfer all your photos to your computer to free the disk space.

For any reason, if you do not have access to your computer and you want to take more photos, then you should consider deleting some of the unnecessary photos from your camera. For that purpose, you will have to access the Erase menu on your camera screen, and delete duplicate images of different scenes or the ones you do not need anymore.


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    First of all, you need to turn on your Fuji FinePix E510 digital camera by pressing the power button present on the top of your camera.

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    At the back of your camera, you will find a switch with a red coloured camera and Play icon, an icon with a triangle in a square, appearing at its left side. You need to move the switch down to the “Play” mode.

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    You will now see the recent image that you taken with your camera. You can now use the left and right buttons on the wheel present at the right bottom of your camera, to navigate through the pictures.

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    Whenever you find a picture that you want to delete, you can press the “MENU/OK” button present at the middle of the wheel. You will then see a menu appearing on your camera screen, which you can use to locate the “Erase” option. Press the left or right button on the wheel to navigate through the options and go to the “Erase” tab.

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    You will now have “All Frames” and “Frame” options available in front of you. Use the top and bottom keys on the wheel to move the highlighter to the “Frame” option and press the “MENU/OK” button to confirm your selection.  Repeat the same process for each picture you want to delete from your camera.

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    If you want to go back to the main menu without deleting any frame from the “Erase” menu, then you can highlight the “Back” option and press the “MENU/OK” button.

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