How to Determine Client/Clinician Compatibility

It is important to determine the relationship between the client and clinician to ensure improved communication. Since clinicians spend most of their time with patients than physicians in their hospital setting, patients always feel more comfortable discussing their needs and problems with them. Clinicians should be able to interact with different clients at various levels to evaluate their requirements, perspectives and moods before undergoing any sort of treatment. Patients should feel comfortable when dealing with the clinicians in a hospital setting. Determining client/clinician compatibility is not difficult if communication between the two is open and honest.


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    Before doing anything else clinicians will need to make sure there is a balance between them and the patient. Qualified clinicians should be knowledgeable with the required skills and authority so a patient can count on him or her to provide the best of their abilities. Patients are mostly dependent on nurses and this can sometimes make them feel defensive or vulnerable. Nurses should communicate with their patients in a nonjudgmental way to improve levels of trust. Earning the willingness to communicate can be a challenging task for most nurses.

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    Since clinicians need to extract subtle cues from their conversation with their recent patients, it is important to ensure open communication between the two parties. Ability to understand what the patients are feeling and what they are scared of can help the clinicians determine valuable facts for their physician. Patients often have to be admitted on an emergency basis due to an accident or other medical condition and therefore it is vital to make sure he or she is comfortable with explaining what exactly caused the health issue.

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    Research has shown that communication can be improved considerably if the clinician introduces his or her name and uses the patient’s name openly in conversations. Maintaining eye contact with the patient can also help determine several important facts about a patient’s health or medical condition. Clinicians must pay attention as to what the patients have to say. Carefully preparing of a list of patient’s needs can also play a key role in determining a strong relationship between the client and the clinician.

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    Client/clinician compatibility can be determined by the willingness of both to understand the needs of the other. The clinician should try to understand what the client wants to basically start feeling better from whatever health related issues he or she might be suffering from. The client wants to be heard and respected as a human being and not be treated like some ordinary patient without feelings.

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