Guide to Injury Prevention While Body Building

Common mistakes novice bodybuilders make can often lead to serious injury. Too often, body building enthusiasts get overenthusiastic and end up getting hurt. Thankfully, most injury as a result of body building can be avoided with proper prevention. Prevention includes maintaining proper body building technique and knowing the limits of one’s own body when it comes to body building. Following simple guidelines can help prevent injury.

Injury can occur during body building simply from wearing incorrect clothing. Clothing that restricts movement, whether it be too tight or so loose that it catches on something, can cause needless injury in body building. Prevention is simple: buy workout clothes specially designed for weight training and body building.

Injury also occurs from lack of knowledge. Too often a novice in the body building world attempts an exercise he is unsure of and does so incorrectly. This can lead to serious injury. Prevention is simple: Always ask for help. Ask a body building expert to show the exercise as well as teach proper technique.

Unsecured equipment can lead to needless injury in bodybuilding. Prevention is simple: When lifting, make sure weights are secure.

Warming up with lighter weights before attempting a body building workout can help limit injury. Stretching should also be part of the warm up to avoid injury. Prevention is simple: Warm up before lifting.

Improper form is probably the leading cause of body building injury, especially for beginners. Improper form can strain muscles and can cause a body builder to work muscles unintentionally. Improper form can also include lifting too fast or with jerky motions. Both can cause injury to the body builder. Prevention is simple: Practice the right form. If that is unknown, ask an expert to demonstrate and teach proper body building form and prevent injury. And, to further prevent injury, lift at a steady pace without jerky movements that may lead to poor form.

Being aware of others in the gym is an easy way to prevent injury. Body building enthusiasts are usually serious about their craft and careful around each other. However, the gym is full of non-body building people as well that are less aware of what is going on around them. Prevent injury by acting as a defensive driver – look out for others around the gym.

Another way to prevent injury while body building is to know one’s own limitations and the limitations of the environment. For example, exhaustion or overheating can occur when working out during the heat of a summer day. Prevent injury by working out in a temperature-controlled area. Heat and dehydration can also cause dizziness, which if left unattended, can lead to more injury. Prevent this by being aware of one’s body limits and signals.

Body building can be a rewarding and healthy part of life, if practiced properly. Following simple rules to prevent injury can help ensure it stays a part of a healthy and injury-free life. Be sure to pass the information along to new enthusiasts.

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